• What is The Global Tekijuku? (former The Cyber Tekijuku)

What is The Global Tekijuku? (former The Cyber Tekijuku)


The Global Tekijuku Business School is a unique education venue that mobilizes the knowledge and wisdom of the business community in Kansai Region. It provides HR training with a focus on practical learning and promotes strong personal networking skills.

This educational venue is a platform for industry leaders adept in the practical, a great potential of business arena, to foster strong future leaders, with an effective use of IT that allows them to save time and distance. Our institution was named after the Tekijuku once run by Koan Ogata,
a famous historic figure, a well-known doctor, scholar and educator in Osaka. He devoted himself in fosterage of young promising youth, who later played an important role in the new era of Meiji Restoration.

For further progress of our institution, we have changed the name to “The Global Tekijuku” from April 1, 2020.

  • Yoshihisa Akiyama

    Honorary President (CHAIRMAN/ The Council of the Union of Kansai Governments)

  • Noriyuki Inoue

    Honorary President (Chairman of the Board/DAIKIN)

  • Chiyono Terada

    Honorary President (Chairperson Emeritus/ART MOVING COMPANY)

  • Masayuki Matsushita

    Honorary President (Special Corporate Advisor/Panasonic Holdings)

  • Takamune Okihara

    President (Senior Advisor/MUFG Bank)

  • Akihiro Kuroda

    President (Chairman/KOKUYO)

  • Mitsuyoshi Kobayashi

    Council Chairman of The Global Tekijuku (Chief Executive Counselor/NTT-West)


■ Significance of “The Global Tekijuku” Business School

In order to energize Kansai Region and accommodate swiftly changing global environment, our economic circles brought together our wisdom to establish The Global Tekijuku. Our major purposes are to emphasize the practical in our human resource development and promote strong networking.

■ Basic Principle

The basic principle of The Global Tekijuku is to foster strong future leaders active on the global stage, furnished with a new philosophy based on historically-supported education and insight, and powerful personal networks.

■ Features


Top business leaders possessing great practical knowledge take over lectures to inspire our future leaders.
Professors in business sciences serve as supervisors, linking all the courses into one coherent system based on the lectures by the business leaders.


The selected students of The Global Tekijuku represent best promising workers in middle management from the leading companies across industries in Kansai. Their hard work through series of intense group collaborations create excellent accomplishments as proposals and lasting networks.


We fully utilize IT (Information Technology) that save time and space. The effective combination of live interaction in lectures and discussions, and the virtual world of message boards and e-mails reduce the students’ burden. Thus, we provide an efficient learning environment for our students.


Over a one-year period, the students take two courses that function as the principal pillars of The Global Tekijuku’s curriculum:

Human Faculty Development Course

Students have lectures on the development of human faculties and hand out personal reports, in the first semester (April to September).

Intense Discussion Course

They take part in intense and heated discussions, about the world and the nation and hand out group proposals to institutions such as local governments, as well as personal reports in the last semester (October to March).

Tekijuku Quick

A supplemental posting program for students’ discussion led by lecturers who raise an issue mainly on news articles, such as environment,
economy and global issues, meant for strengthening students’ remark-delivering skills.

About the Two Main Courses

In order for companies to survive this ever-changing globalization and IT revolution, we define essential factors as change-adaptable corporate innovation, creation of the change itself and restless value-generation.

Requisites for top business leaders under these circumstances include:
1.personal philosophy
2.strong leadership
3.crisis-management skills
4.broad perspective
9.execution capability

The Human Faculty Development Course covers from 1 to 3 of the above, whereas The Intense Discussion Course covers the rest.

Human Faculty Development Course Main Agenda: My Business Philosophy

Business leaders with extensive managing experience give lectures from the following perspectives:
1. Entrepreneurial Spirit
2. Business Strategies & Management Principles
3. Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethic

Intense Discussion Course

Business leader in charge of each following topic give a lecture on the first day of the course, then the students across industries discuss it thoroughly to make it into proposals the end of the semester.
Discussion Topics:
1. Administrative & Financial Reforms
2. National Security
3. Kansai Region Revitalization

(Present "The Global Tekijuku" Promotion Association")

We began this new century with expectations towards restructuring out of the "lost decade" in which Japan seemed to stand still. Unfortunately, though, our companies have continued to lose vitality and the country appears to be losing its confidence. We perceive the current state of affairs as one of national crisis.
In order to bring the Japanese economy back to life and reform our stagnating nation, we must alter the structure of our nation from one based on bureaucracy and centralization to one based on privately driven and regional initiatives. Within such an environment, we need strong business leaders with new philosophies based on education and insight with a historical perspective. This said, the current scholastic education, bent on only filling students' heads with facts and corporate training that primarily attempts to pass on technical skills, would most likely not allow for the development of such individuals.
As such, we in Kansai economic circles have put our heads together to create a new type of education venue that provides HR training with a focus on the practical learning and to promote strong and lasting interpersonal networks. This venue will function to foster the development of strong leaders by corporate heads, the element with the greatest potential in economic circles, full of practical experience and knowledge. Moreover, the school will effectively utilize the IT to overcome spatial and temporal barriers. Our institution, named the Global Tekijuku Business School, takes its name from the Tekijuku School in Osaka, once run by Koan Ogata, a historic figure, a doctor, scholar and educator. The sole operator of the Global Tekijuku will be the 'Global Tekijuku Promotion Association.' We pledge to put forth all our knowledge and abilities in the hope that the individuals to be trained will develop into strong leaders on the international scene. And their intense efforts within the Global Tekijuku Business School may some day provide the force that effects reforms to return our country to its former glory.

* The Cyber Tekijuku Promotion Association was established for managing The Cyber Tekijuku on October 10, 2002. For further progress of our institution, we have changed the name to “The Global Tekijuku Promotion Association” from April 1, 2020.